Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

wolves in woods


That’s right.

I have dumped you on social media.

Have a good cry.

Let it all out.

I don’t know why you care.

It’s not like we were ever actually friends.

So, I unfriended you.

There is a mom in the neighbourhood that I actually despise.  We refer to her as Mary Sunshine because her toxicity is radiating.  She is a horrid, self centred, maddening woman.  Why on earth were we ever friends on Facebook to begin with?  I never liked her.  I never wanted to actually be her friend. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Pretending to be nice but actually seething disrespect and insult wherever she goes.

So, I unfriended her.

There is another mom in the neighbourhood who feels it is her duty on Facebook to argue against anything and everything I ever post.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I respect other people’s views and encourage people to stand up for what they believe in.  The problem is that she is so publicly aggressive and confrontational.  She is missing a much needed social filter.

So, I unfriended her too.

Facebook is a platform where you can put your best, albeit delusional, self forward.  To make everyone think your life is wonderfully fantastic, your children are perfect little angels and your husband is unsurpassed.  Where you can be an exceptional chef, a supermom and an all around overachiever.

These people are easy to pick out. Spreading their delusion wherever they go. These are the same people who post a lot but very rarely like or comment on anyone else’s posts. Why is that?  Easy.  They don’t care about you.  They only care about themselves.

Narcissism at its finest.

I thought about how to sift through my hundreds of friends and I came up with a plan. If they had not liked or commented on any of my posts in the last three months, they were out.



I did not care if they were family, a friend or an acquaintance.  I was drawing the line.  I no longer wanted wolves snooping around in my life. It felt like stalking to me.  It gave me the creeps.

In a matter of minutes, I had unfriended about three hundred friends.  Ahhhhhh.


There was some fall out.

I’m okay with that.

I can live with it.

I can sleep at night.

I now have a healthy group of about fifty friends on Facebook.  Actual, real, caring friends.  No nonsense kind of friends.  No more wolves hovering around, secretly watching my life.

Good riddance wolves.

I’m free.

Free from the obligation social media thrusts upon us to be friends with every acquaintance we ever meet.

Free to avoid your narcissistic tendencies and delusions.

Syonara friends.


© The Flip of the Switch, January 2016.



23 thoughts on “Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing”

  1. I think filtering friends is definitely needed in real life as much as social media. On Facebook, I am the type that rarely likes or comments but I also rarely post. This is because I acknowledge the aspect of Facebook as being everyone’s best foot forward which leads me to be fairly discerning of my activity there. Also, many posts are a regurgitation of unoriginal material! I often wonder why I even have a Facebook. Blogs, Twitter, even Instagram, are better platforms I feel because they seem to have focused purposes. I enjoy and interact more. Speaking of, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so far-thank you for the follow 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right…filtering friends in real life is even more important than on social media. Have to get rid of all toxicity! I also agree with what you said about blogs, Twitter and Instagram…they are definitely more focused (although Instagram can still lets the narcissists run loose! LOL!). Thanks so much for stopping by and for your follow. 😉

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  2. I used to be a Facebook junkie but switched over to my blog and don’t check FB every day any more. I call Facebook brag book, especially at the end of the school year where people post all these photos of their kids winning prizes. It is like a child advertising agency telling the world how wonderful your child is and, by proxy, you are. It makes it very hard for anybody’s kids are average or especially special needs, where something the rest of us take for granted, is indeed a huge achievement.
    I don’t friend anyone I don’t know well and I don’t use my FB for blogging but my blog is linked to my FB page.
    My 10 year old daughter seems to be getting too familiar with a little girl on a game she played and I think they were skyping each other. I wasn’t really happy with it and was starting to think I should speak to the girl’s Mum when all of a sudden the girl cut my daughter off without an explanation. Probably for the best but there are better ways of doing it. I probably should cut back my list but I am careful about who I friend in the first place xx Rowena

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      1. For me, it has the good and the bad. I’ve had no trouble with nasty people. I am concerned about my kids and what happens there. Kids can be so mean and FB has been used to crucify people. I’m very pleased our school bullies didn’t have it. Or, possibly, using FB, they woud have left a trail, evidence and might have been dealt with.

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