Wild & Untethered

fog in the morning

When I was a child, there were no seat belts, car seats or power windows.
When I was a child, our family spent Sundays driving along dirt roads listening to the eight track, pulling over occassionally to pick up fallen acorns.
When I was a child, I drank from a beer bottle and stayed up late playing cards with the neighbours.
When I was a child, we jumped from rooftops, ran free through the neighbourhood and soared off swings.
When I was a child, twilight was my curfew and the village raised me.
When I was a child, I ran outside in my socks and swam in ditches during a good rainstorm.
When I was a child, I spent weekends at the drive in, swung from a tire and ate mud pies.
When I was a child, toxicity was everywhere;  we breathed deep, licked the walls and survived to talk about it.
When I was a child, raw hot dogs and cookie dough were staples in my diet.
When I was a child, I got my vitamin C from Tang and everything else from a Flinstone vitamin.
When I was a child, I was free from societal confines and ludicrous expectations.

I was a free spirit, wild and untethered.

It is unfortunate that many of today’s children will never experience such a liberating childhood. They are too busy being strapped down securely in their car seats, frying their brains on electronics and eating organic food out of BPA free Tupperware. One day they will long for excitement and danger. I hope they wear a helmet.

© The Flip of the Switch, February 2016.

12 thoughts on “Wild & Untethered”

  1. YES!! I miss those days. Now-a-days there is so much fear put upon us. Don’t do this, or you’ll die. Eat potatoes, don’t eat potatoes.. Drink coffee, don’t drink coffee. Etc. Because of this fear mongering, I’ve asked my mom how she raised us without a cell phone. Like, how pathetic is that?! I couldn’t even fathom not being able to know where my child is or how to get a hold of them, but back in the day, we left after breakfast, checked in once or twice if we remembered, and came back when the street lights came on. Those were the days!

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    1. Hahaha! Yes, I totally ate mud pies! Didn’t you?! I thought everybody did back in the 70’s and 80’s! As for hot dogs, I’m not sure…but nowadays, they have a note on the pack that says “do not eat raw” or something to that effect. Gross, right!? LOL! Those really were the days! Really living on the edge! Ha!

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  2. Yeah I can relate to all of this. Riding bikes and falling off, playing in my tree house, drinking Tang, spying on neighbors from the rooftop… Life was definitely different, probably more carefree but my kids are ok. They’re chalk and cheese, one is an outdoor spirit who rides horses and takes risks, the other a computer genius who doesn’t, though I’ve raised them the same! Go figure. Fundamentally they both have good values so that’s the most important thing.

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