Hormonal Roller Coaster

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This blog post discusses women’s health issues and other things that would make my husband squirm, gag and possibly vomit. You’ve been warned.

I met with a new family doctor who specializes in women’s health and more specifically, hormonal balance.


Up in the great, white north (a.k.a. Canada) our health care is provided by the province and is funded, for the most part, by our taxes.  We do not usually pay to go to a family doctor or the hospital.  Nor do we usually pay for X-rays, vaccinations and the like.

Having said that, we can access certain medical tests and practitioners quicker and easier if we choose to go private and pay for these services.  This new doctor that I met is just that.  She is a family doctor but, she has chosen to open a private clinic that is not funded by the provincial government as it is outside the realm of their financial responsibility.  Apparently, hormonal balance just isn’t a provincial priority.

I opted to try the private route because I cannot continue to live in this perpetual state of chaos.  A constant state of panic, anxiety and the general sense that I am losing my fucking mind.

I scheduled an appointment a while back and it was for this week.  Leading up to my appointment, I had twelve vials of blood sucked out of me which were mostly covered under our provincial health plan. Phew!

In a nutshell, I am estrogen dominant.

This is exactly what I told my other family doctor back in November when I first started having symptoms of perimenopause.  I told her I thought this was all hormonal and she said, “It can’t be, you’re too young”.

I have gone through three and a half months of hell because my family doctor didn’t believe this could all be hormones and I didn’t believe myself.  I should have believed in myself but I didn’t.  Sigh.

This new doctor went through my family history (which is a complete gene swamp), my symptoms (good lord, it was a long conversation) and then she went over my blood test results.

Estrogen dominance.

Part of me wanted to stand up and scream “Eureka!”.

I should have.

But I didn’t.

A lost opportunity.  Oh well.

It turns out, during one’s luteal phase (the last two weeks of your cycle), estradiol should be below 790 pmol/L.

Mine was over 1,000 pmol/L.

Boom!  There it is!

Estrogen dominance.

On top of that, I have low progesterone;  I don’t have enough progesterone to balance out (lower) the estradiol.


I’m not losing my fucking mind after all!

Well I am, but at least we know the cause!

In addition, I have very little vitamin D (which affects mood) and also need to supplement with B Complex and magnesium (which will apparently help my anxiety).

Say it with me…


To balance out the estrogen, I am starting bio-identical progesterone cream.  I am starting on the lowest dose and it is a cream I will rub into my forearms the last two weeks of my cycle.

There could be side effects such as bloating and increased anxiety (God help me!), but we are talking about my quality of life and right now, it sucks so I am willing to try the progesterone cream to see what happens.

Oh, and I have a urinary tract infection. Everything else just wasn’t enough. Peeing blood is the icing on the cake.  Why not freak out the anxious, panicky girl by making her pee blood!  Someone up there is having a good laugh!  Seriously.  Please pass the antibiotics and someone fetch me a martini. Fun times.

So there you have it.

I am indeed losing my mind, but thankfully we have identified the cause.  My hormones are riding a roller coaster through hell.

When will this chaotic, nauseating, heart palpitating, panic filled ride end?

They say perimenopause can last years.


I said it before and I’ll say it again.

In my next life I’m coming back as a sexy man.


© The Flip of the Switch, February 2016.






9 thoughts on “Hormonal Roller Coaster”

  1. You know….I was wondering the same thing. (hormones) I may be grasping at straws, but what else are we to do when we feel like an anxious bag of shit 24/7?! I’ve tossed around the idea of perimenopause. I’ll be 42 in May and my mom (lucky bitch) went through menopause with ZERO symptoms. She literally had no idea she’d gone through the change. She keeps hoping that she’ll pass that blessing down to me, lol What part of Canada are you in? I didn’t know that docs don’t do a hormonal check. Or is this something totally different that you went through? My doc dismissed menopause saying I had yeaaaars to go before I worried about that, but perimenopause is a whole new bag of worms. Oh, and EUREKA!!! 😀 Glad you’re getting some answers! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. These doctors are all full of shit. Seriously! If mine hadn’t dismissed me, I don’t think I would have gone down this rabbit hole of anxiety quite as far as I did. But because no one could tell me what was going on and my doctor said “it’s just panic, here take this anti-depressant”, I thought that’s what it must be. Just out of the blue. I’m so dumb. I should have trusted myself. My primary family doctor did hormone tests but I don’t think she read them right or knew what she was talking about (and she only tested three things I think). This new hormone doctor took my blood on day 20 of my cycle so I was in the luteal phase. She knew exactly what she was doing. She tested me for everything you can imagine…literally…my results are five pages in length! My mother had menopause symptoms in her early 40’s and had a full hysterectomy when she was 44 I think. Fun times. Hormones are crazy little things and our doctors just don’t seem to have the knowledge needed to help women. We just get dismissed with prescriptions for anti-depressants without discovering the root cause! So frustrating! xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh, like we don’t have enough to go through, as women, lol That hormone thing is next on my list. I’m of age to be perimenopausal, so something has to be going all wonky. Yes, I’ve had anxiety since I was little (off and on), but these flare ups are ridiculous. Being your own advocate is SO important. I get tired and take breaks from trying to figure this out, but I won’t give up. This is exhausting and no way to live. Le sigh, lol ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome that you sourced this doc, not so awesome having had to go through the crap! Here’s open she is able to create magic in managing your hormones so that you can feel some sense of relief.

    Liked by 2 people

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